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The ticket design and printing solution that delivers your event tokens, grouped and ready to hand out.
Stop wasting hours cutting, counting and sorting meal tickets, drink vouchers, tokens and more!

Create branded and serialised tickets with our free online designer. Using one simple spreadsheet, upload your allocation information. Our smart-system will assign your tickets into groups or individuals, so you don't have to waste time sorting onsite.

Once sustainably printed, your tickets arrive in batches, pre-organised and ready to hand out, saving hours, even days! It’s completely free to use, so you only pay for what you print.

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Free online event management tool for all of your event ticket and token needs. Design your branded tickets, then upload your data to off-load your admin! Your tickets will arrive neatly grouped an...

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Event Management Technology | Printing & Publishing | Ticketing | Event Management/Party Planning Companies


How to save time on your event with Little Tickets
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Sep 4, 2017

Little Tickets. The voucher, token and ticket design, management and printing service.

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Offering another streamlined solution to the world of event administration, Little Tickets is a groundbreaking management tool, launched this year by Lou Fitzpatrick and her team of experienced event gurus. Having spent 25+ years managing production and logistics at some of the UK’s largest events, it’s fair to say they’ve seen their share of meal tickets and drinks tokens.
More than most they know first hand the exhaustive time and effort that goes into organising all these tickets, as well as all the other vouchers & cards for staff perks, discounts, special permissions, freebees… the list goes on. More importantly, they know the hassle of getting those tickets into the hands of the right people. And so, from this wealth of experience, Little Tickets was born.
‘It takes such a great deal of time and manpower to organise, count and manage tickets for everything that the crew and others are entitled to, and so often they’re all identical tickets so it’s impossible to do any analysis to enable us to tackle wastage or refine our ordering’ – Lou Fitzpatrick
Little Tickets won’t be this team’s first venture into the event tech world, through Grub Stub they have already experienced the positive impact of bringing the production office into the digital age. After the success of Grub Stub at events across the world – including CISCO, Secret Garden Party, Parklife, and Lightning in a Bottle – they realised “there was an obvious stepping stone between fully electronic meal ticketing and physical tokens that could be used for many different entitlements and elements of event management”.
The team were in a great position to freshly remodel the data managing elements of Grub Stub, and adapt the idea to a huge range of possibilities. They created a completely customisable system that could be used to create limitless tokens, tickets and vouchers; that could be utilised universally for any event or business. Offering a single platform to both create tickets and allocate to teams, individuals, or groups; Little Tickets is the only data management tool that turns that data into a delivered product of pre-sorted, grouped and serialised bundles of tickets.
With years of experience working within tight budgets, the team wanted to ensure Little Tickets was accessible to events and companies of all sizes. Offering a free to use online system, and only charging for the printing and postage; Little Tickets is affordable and available to all events and budgets. Allowing users to create any kind of ticket, experiment with individual designs for each ticket type, upload allocations from a spreadsheet and manage quantities assigned to groups, before even having to think about raising a PO.
Having worked with a number of major players in the live event scene throughout the Summer, the positive response has cemented the industry’s need for a simpler way to manage the large quantities of entitlements required to run events. As Sarah Bland of DHP Family put it, with Little Tickets “printing and cutting out paper tickets seems positively archaic now”. With some of the biggest UK and Europeans events already on board, it’s great to see teams and events benefitting from what will no doubt become an essential event management tool for years to come.

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