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How crowd communication can become a safety and security asset

When & Where

15:00 - 15:30, Wednesday 26th September 2018
TechFest Zone


TechFest Zone


Geoff Revill


The Manchester Bombing Kerslake report only referred to one previous report to re-iterate a finding; the 7/7 Cocking report, whose recommendations still had not been followed through.
The central point was to not consider the crowd as a problem to manage, but as part of the solution to prevention and respond to threats. To consider the crowd as a force multiplier.

Cost constrained event managers want to deliver a sense of safety and security at their events, digital provides an opportunity.
This talk will include a demonstration of Office of Counter Terrorism sponsored research into how the crowd can be encouraged to participate in keeping themselves safe, by extending the Krowd app you are using at the event with simple security features.