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Integrating drone services into large outdoor events

When & Where

14:29 - 15:29, Thursday 28th September 2017
The Futures Stage powered by NOEA and GL Events UK


The Futures Stage powered by NOEA and GL Events UK


Solomon N’Jie


It is difficult to appreciate how drones, providing access to on demand aerial video services at large complex events, are fast becoming a very effective tool in capturing numerous activities taking place at any given time, enabling event management teams to make informed decisions based on real time images ensuring corrective actions are taken to prevent problems occurring or to resolve them quicker.

This session will deal with the introduction of drones at large public outdoor events, integrating specific drone processes into the pre-planning, approval and management stages and the need to adjust traditional models of practice while mitigating the risks of breaching CAA rules and accidents during operation. Examples of drone video footage from recent events will be shown to illustrate the benefits.