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Job Role

Regulatory Inspector


HSE Fairground and Entertainments Sector


I have been employed by HSE as a Regulatory Inspector since 2005 until December 2017 at which time I moved across to join the HSE Fairground and Entertainments Sector.

As a Regulatory Inspector I undertook an inspection, investigation, advisory and enforcement roles, operating in a variety of industries including those of construction, automotive and aviation engineering fields. My time inspecting construction work and the location I worked within allowed me to have many interactions with the RSC and their Principal Contractors during numerous refurbishment projects including the Courtyard Theatre and the closing of Stratford Upon Avon’s main street for lifting activities during which the audience at times seemed comparable in numbers to the theatrical productions there.

In addition to this I have been a member of the National Fairgrounds Inspection Team inspecting and working with travelling fairground operators to improve health and safety awareness and practices within this arena.

Other roles during my time has seen me involved in a wide range of investigations including joint working with the police investigating multiple fatal incidents to domestic gas regulatory actions.

Until moving from my frontline role I held the HSE liaison role for health and safety concerns within Solihull Borough Council and Birmingham Airport.