Registration FAQs

When I click to send the Registration form nothing happens

Please make sure that:

1. Your website browser is up to date

2. Javascript is enabled in your browser settings

3. You have answered all required questions

How do I know if my browser is up to date?

Most browsers update automatically when updates are available including chrome, Firefox and Safari.

If you are using Internet Explorer you may need to update manually or ask your IT department to allow you to update the browser for you.

How do I know if Javascript is enabled?

Firstly find the preferences panel for your browser. Javascript is usually managed in the Content Settings area which you will usually find under advanced settings. Make sure that Javascript is allowed

Why do I need Javascript enabled?

Modern websites use Javascript to enhance the experience of the website user.

In the context of the registration form, Javascript will be used to verify whether a required field has been completed. It will also be involved in the form sumit button action - the submit button may not work without it.

Where is my confirmation email?

The registration form has been thoroughly tested before going live. If you do not receive an email as a result of Registering these are the tings that you need to check:

1. Was your email correct? You can check this by re-trying the registration form. If you get a message that says that a "An account with this email address already exists", your registration has been received in the database.

2. Check your Junk mail folder in your email programme

3. If using Microsoft Outlook, check your Clutter folder also

4. The email may be being blocked by your Firewall. Time to call your IT department for help